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Here's a short guide featuring some commonly asked questions on travelling and Terms & Conditions for bookings.

Your post-pandemic holiday will have to be even more curated and well-researched than before. That includes a stricter definition of luxury, quality, safety and assurance. In most cases, you'll have to make more decisions than before. You may also have to make additional decisions because of new developments on the ground.

If you wish to simplify the COVID-19 travel planning process, we recommend starting with our curated private and small-group holidays. These itineraries have been designed with post-pandemic travel in mind; destination reputation, healthcare infrastructure, ground operations and depth of partner relations are just some criteria we've taken into consideration.

This doesn't mean getting stuck with a holiday plan you can’t change. Customisation is what we do best! There's definitely room to make an itinerary unique and personal to you – just fill up our Plan A Trip form below and we'll be in touch within three working days.

Our Story

From "everyone deserves a great holiday" to "live your grandest life". Feel the pulse of a Singapore brand exploring, respecting and servicing the world.

Bespoke Luxury Travel

Step into the world of WONDERGOLANDER and understand how our bespoke luxury elevates your holiday​​.

Curated Holidays

Not sure where to start? Our private and small-group holidays are your shortcut to post-pandemic travel planning.


Holidays are back, but things are slightly different.

There are three significant trends in the new travel reality: availability and pricing for flights, luxury hotels and expert tour guides can fluctuate wildly; despite relaxed border measures there are still more rules and admin to grapple with compared to pre-COVID days; and information online may not always reflect the reality on the ground. 

The good news is, as always, WONDERGOLANDER will take care of as many pre-departure, on-trip and return facets as possible for you and your travelling companions. Hopefully, in most cases, all you need to worry about is getting to the airport on time!

More than ever, we want our precious holidays to be pleasurable and purposeful – a well-deserved break and a refreshment for the soul. Travel should not be complicated, stressful or tiresome. Leave the worrying to us.

Your fellow travellers
Javiny & Hui Juan

​A big thank you for planning a wonderful trip for us to Germany. We are glad to have engaged your expertise. Once again you have exposed us to new experiences. We especially love the vibe, hospitality and serenity of the accommodation selections.


Travelling during a pandemic has increased our appreciation for your planning effort and networks - in particular, alternatives were suggested right away when Berchtesgaden went into lockdown.

Now that we have walked the ground on our own, we find that travelling during a pandemic doesn’t adversely impact our travel style. In fact, there are less crowds everywhere so it’s right up our alley. In addition, we were mentally prepared that not all activities or venues will be a guarantee, which meant lazing around in the hotel the whole day could be a possible scenario - one that we are pretty good at.

- L & J

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