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The Czech Republic serves up a tantalising concoction of beer — annual consumption here is the highest per capita in the world — and a long history that spans from the Habsburgs to the Nazis to the fall of Communism. Prague alone is a treasure chest of ornate historical gems, including the famous Charles Bridge, the astronomical clock, and some of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful libraries.

Beyond the capital, more ancient castles and churches await, and the morbid beauty of the Church of Bones in Kutná Hora presents itself to those brave enough to seek it. Visit underground cellars and breweries where the original Pilsner Beer is produced; learn about Jewish culture in Trebíc, where the Jewish quarter is among the most well-preserved in Europe; take a rejuvenating bath in a spa town that was famously featured in “Casino Royale”; or eat your way through Czech on a local tapas tour.

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