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From interacting with master artisans to luxuriating in pristine wilderness to waking up in impeccable hotels to indulging in rare gastronomic experiences – the possibilities are endless with a customised trip planner who understands you and exists to orchestrate grand travel moments for you.

To get started, simply complete the form below to share with us some information about the bespoke luxury holiday you're initiating. One of our expert travel advisors will be in touch based on your preferences for a non-obligatory consultation.

This consultation is the foundation for an extraordinary bespoke luxury holiday. It provides your customised trip planner the opportunity to understand your travel styles and preferences as well as that of your travelling companions. It also allows you to know more about WONDERGOLANDER's services, seek advice regarding suitable destinations and experiences, or clarify routes and logistical concerns. During the consultation, your travel advisor will share the next steps and corresponding timeline.

**Your understanding is greatly appreciated**

As much as we love designing bespoke holidays, due to overwhelming enquiries we are currently prioritising our replies by trip departure date. Please expect our response time to be longer than usual – about 5 to 10 days from the date of your submission. We unreservedly apologise in advance: you may not receive a reply if your intended travel date is less than 2 months away and/or your holiday requirements do not sync with the indicated budget.

We thought you might like to know before filling up the form....

Our team is confident that our ideals, expertise and luxury affiliations will enhance your holiday journey; if you haven't done so, we invite you to contemplate our promise to you.


As bespoke luxury travel artisans, we devote significant time and effort to design each WONDERGOLANDER traveller's holiday. If you're excited to use our services after reviewing the holiday concept, a deposit of S$1,000 will be collected. Should you go ahead with the WONDERGOLANDER proposal, you'll only pay the balance amount of your quoted holiday.

Our Story

From "everyone deserves a great holiday" to "live your grandest life". Feel the pulse of a Singapore brand exploring, respecting and servicing the world.

Bespoke Luxury Travel

Step into the world of WONDERGOLANDER and understand how our bespoke luxury elevates your holiday​​.

COVID-19 FAQs & Policy

There's a lot more to do and note for your post-pandemic holiday. We explain what we know, how we can help smoothen things, and our booking T&Cs.


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