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Like the delicate strokes of Claude Monet’s Impressionist paintings, the French art de vivre (art of living) is to be appreciated with a keen eye and without haste. Immerse in haute couture and cuisine at the world’s capital of fashion and romance, Paris; go skiing or hiking in the French Alps; lose yourself in the beauty of Provence’s quaint villages as immortalised in Van Gogh’s artworks; be enchanted by some of the world’s prettiest villages along the Alsace Wine Route; or escape to the fairytale castles of the Loire Valley and Brittany — there’s no limit to what you can enjoy on bespoke tours in France when you go carte blanche.

From living like royalty in a luxury chateaux to a pampering vinotheraphy treatment in Bordeaux to cycling tours led by a former Tour de France cycling champion, let Quotient take you to the less-explored regions of France with authentic curated experiences for a less typical holiday.

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