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Accompanied by an expert archaeologist who walks you past giant colonnades, ruins of abandoned temples and fountains that have long dried up, you can’t help but feel yourself intruding on sacred land. This is Greece, where ancient ruins dedicated to Apollo, Athena, Zeus and other Greek gods continue to instil awe and wonder in those who seek them today.

But Greece is much more than a legacy of the past; Athens, the capital of Greece, has no lack of designer brands for shopaholics and a fledging dining scene recognised by the Michelin Guide; for authentic homemade Greek cuisine, Quotient specially arranges for you to dine in a local’s home. If you are in the mood for some romance, Santorini, with its beautiful sunsets and iconic whitewashed buildings, never fails to please. A romantic private sunset cruise can even be specially arranged for you! Make your Greek holiday an unforgettable one with the endless range of possibilities, from relaxing in a luxury villa overlooking the Aegean Sea to hiking in a gorge to fishing for sea urchins before polishing them off with a glass of refreshing bubbly, the country brims with possibilities.

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