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With its charismatic canals, idyllic windmills, carefree cyclists and progressive attitudes, the Netherlands boasts a flair that is extraordinary in Europe. Walking in the midst of some 7 million gorgeous tulips in Keukenhof on your springtime luxury Europe holiday, you can’t help but marvel at the country’s beauty.

Besides Mother Nature’s splendour, the Netherlands is also known for its treasure trove of art. From fine art created by master artists such as Rembrandt to modern and street art, you’ll find yourself surrounded by inspiring pieces as you travel the country! In Amsterdam, dive into the life of one of the most significant artists of all time, the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, whose works are celebrated in a dedicated museum.

While in the capital, make time also for Anne Frank House, where the diarist hid during the Holocaust, and the “coffeeshops” that legally sell weed to its nightlife fraternity. There are plenty more Dutch gems to explore on your luxury Europe holiday. Don’t overlook the chic city of Rotterdam, which literally has a Cool District, nor the more laid-back cities of Utrecht and The Hague, where you can take in the scenic surroundings sans the hurried crowd.

The Netherlands also has a strong foodie culture; try traditional Dutch food such as award-winning cheeses at a professionally guided tasting, freshly prepared stroopwafels, poffertjes and fries from casual street carts, and more!

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