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Portugal's allure surely lies in its vibrantly-coloured cities, striking terrain, and glorious food and wine. The Douro Valley, the preeminent destination for gourmet offerings in the country, is the star of virtually every bespoke holiday to Portugal. Tour the sprawling vineyards of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which lie next to the winding river, and enjoy sips of some of the region's best Dao wines paired with smoked meats and fine fish dishes.

Nature beckons at the Algarve, where some of Europe's best beaches and surfs can be found, and at the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, the only national park in Portugal where sparkling waterfalls and lush vegetation abound in the mountainous terrain. The perfect stargazing spot awaits in the Dark Sky Alqueva – whisk your travel buddies on a scenic helicopter flight to the heart of the Alentejo and don't forget to check out the medieval towns.

Over at Lisbon, the European country's capital, bask in the culture and the sheer beauty of the city as your private guide acquaints you with the local highlights. Porto also boasts its fair share of wondrous sites; on a bike tour, cycle to a Romanesque cathedral, and pop into the bookstore that is believed to have inspired Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. A performance of traditional Portuguese singing, fado, will grip your heartstrings and end your bespoke holiday to Portugal on a poignant note.

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