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Spark your imagination with Spain's diverse history, which has been shaped by the colourful intermixing of cultures from that of the Romans to the Moors. Antoni Gaudi's Alice-in-Wonderland-esque buildings in Barcelona and the groundbreaking curves of the Bilbao museum will have you gawking in wonder, while the Moorish palaces and mosques of Cordoba and Alhambra add an exotic touch to your bespoke holiday to Spain.

Game of Thrones fans will be at home in Seville, where parts of the show was filmed. This experience, along with the fever pitch excitement of Real Madrid soccer matches and the exciting beach and entertainment resorts of Costa del Sol, will make you reluctant to bid Spain adios.

Enjoy a seamless and purposeful bespoke holiday to Spain with WONDERGOLANDER – one that grants you exclusive priority access to popular attractions and delivers authentic local experiences ranging from winery visits in La Rioja to cooking lessons with a Michelin-starred chef, mastering the art of Iberico ham carving, herb foraging in the Spanish hills, and tapas or pintxos tasting excursions, to flamenco dinner shows.

Your bespoke holiday to Spain in the new travel era

Travel costs have risen significantly due to high demand and limited supply. For the best perceived value, we recommend trips to Spain to be designed at least 4 months in advance. Last-minute arrangements (60 days and under) may result in high premiums or disappointment, particularly during peak periods.

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