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Beyond the famous IKEA meatballs, Sweden's pristine natural landscapes and intriguing history of Vikings and monarchies whets the appetite for travel. The past and the present converge in Stockholm, where the royal changing of guard ceremony is still held daily with great fanfare in the historical centre, Gamla Stan. From Stockholm, dubbed the Venice of the North due to its sheer number of islands, set sail for the beautiful Drottningholm Palace, the official residence of the royal family, or the island of Djurgården, where you can visit the world's oldest open-air museum and sing to your favourite ABBA tunes at a museum dedicated to the legendary pop group.

Get closer to nature with an overnight stay in a unique treehouse and try spotting foxes, deer and other wildlife by venturing into the woods on an evening safari drive. Amp up the fun with a journey northwards to the wintry Swedish Lapland, where you get to interact with the indigenous Sami people, try your hand at ice sculpting and even build your own igloo.

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