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This series of walking learning journeys will reach into the soul of this modern marvel with no natural resources by turning your attention to how its people eat, pray and love. Take an insightful stroll with your very own storyteller to unearth shared aspirations and values of Singaporeans, and immerse in heart-warming acts of integrity, compassion, courage, respect and gratitude that are tucked away in unassuming corners of Singapore.

EAT, PRAY, LOVE: SINGAPORE EDITION is a collaborative effort by The Volunteer Switchboard and WONDERGOLANDER.

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Eat, Pray, Love: Telok Ayer

Min. 12 pax to proceed. Available only on 16 Feb, 12 Mar & 26 Mar.


Did you know, Singapore is one of few countries in the world where you can find a Hindu temple co-existing beside a Chinese temple and devotees often worship in both temples? This is a daily scene that epitomises harmonious and multireligious Singapore. The racial and religious harmony that we enjoy today and is so unique to Singapore, did not happen by chance. Our forefathers staunchly believed that multiracialism was non-negotiable, making deliberate efforts to learn about one another's race, culture and religion at every opportunity. Nowhere is this better illustrated than the unofficial "Street of Harmony", a lane many of the locals in the area term as their favourite. Admire the architectural intricacies of the different places of worship, and more so the fact that the church, temples, mosque and shrine stand so close to one another for over a century. Our private walking tour of Telok Ayer also provides you the opportunity to take a deeper look into the early migrant ties that bind and the local heroes that have passed virtues such as courage, resilience, respect and gratitude down the generations. The wealth of wisdom and values of the past will no doubt leave us in awe and spur us to pass them on! Highlights include: - Discover iconic landmarks in Telok Ayer and learn how they play an important part in encouraging inclusivity and deepen mutual understanding among the multicultural community - Visit one of Singapore's oldest bakeries, known for its traditional Hokkien pastries - Gain insight into the lives of our forefathers when they first arrived in Singapore, and understand how certain trades and daily routines have evolved At the end of your private walking tour, you'll gain an appreciation for the values that bound diverse communities and shaped Singapore's multiracial and multicultural society, and be inspired to contemplate the legacies you wish to leave for future generations.

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Cancellation Policy

At least 72 hours prior to your tour starting time for: - Reschedule without penalty (you will need to cancel and re-book) - Cancellation without penalty

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