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One of the biggest draws of the African continent, Botswana is where some of the most epic luxury safari journeys in the world are embarked upon. The country's stalwart wildlife protection has translated to flocks of animals roaming the unspoilt territory, making your bespoke holiday to Botswana rife with opportunities to catch sight of Africa's Big Five through land and water-based excursions.

In fact, Botswana has the world’s highest concentration of African elephants, most of which can be found at the sprawling Chobe National Park. Over in the UNESCO World Heritage Okavango Delta, you can't help but marvel at what is regarded one of the last pristine wildlife habitats on the continent.

With sundown boat cruises, scenic helicopter rides and a whole host of other adventurous activities such as jet boating and white water rafting available, there will hardly be a dull moment on your luxury safari in Africa. Visit in the right season and you'll find yourself on a mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) enjoying a water-based game drive.

But a bespoke holiday to Botswana unlocks more awesomeness than that. Make time for Tsodilo, also known as the "Louvre of the Desert" with over 4,500 preserved rock paintings. Stop by local villages to experience kinship and witness fascinating community traditions.

With the opportunity to dine under a blanket of stars in the great outdoors and luxury safari lodges frequented by iconic wildlife to retire to at the end of the night, a bespoke holiday to Botswana is an experience not to be missed.

Your bespoke holiday to Botswana in the new travel era

WONDERGOLANDER is currently designing mainly luxury safari trips to Botswana, with a minimum of seven nights. This means that you will stay in luxury lodges (4-star levels and above) with all daily scheduled activities and meals included. Lodge rooms typically come with air-conditioning, ensuite flushing toilets, indoor and outdoor showers; some lodges also offer private pools. Facilities in luxury lodges we recommend are modern and safety protocols are strictly adhered to – guests will receive a safety briefing upon check-in.

Luxury safari lodges are typically located within private concession areas and guests travelling in a family or small group enjoy their own game drive vehicle; sometimes couples may share the vehicle with up to four other guests or have the option to privatise their game drive at additional cost. Game viewing is conducted in an ethical manner and there is emphasis on respecting nature and wildlife.

Travel costs have risen significantly due to high demand and limited supply, and pricing fluctuations are not uncommon. For the best perceived value, we recommend trips to Botswana to be designed at least 6 months in advance, particularly if they involve multi-country destinations in Africa. Last-minute arrangements (120 days and under) may result in high premiums or disappointment, particularly during peak periods.

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