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If you hear the call of a luxury Africa holiday, heed it. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the Great Migration with local safari experts in the secure comfort of game drive vehicles designed for optimal viewing of wildlife – at the best vantage points in the Serengeti, enjoying the world’s largest waterfall by basking in the cool waters of the Victoria Falls and glamping in the starry solitude of the Sahara Desert away from the bustle of fascinating souks in Morocco.

If it’s the Middle East that’s got you longing, act now. Whether the magnificence of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the historical accounts of the biblical Holy Land of Israel, or the superlative feats of the United Arab Emirates, you’ll unravel more on a customised holiday that caters to your pace and indulgence.

Your personal travel planner will design the best routes based on your preferred travelling style and interests, keeping in mind your airline and hotel memberships, and complete your luxury Africa holiday with bespoke tours and customised  recommendations for sightseeing and the best places to eat. Get started now on your luxury Africa holiday or read more about the highlights in Africa and the Middle East by country.

Curated Holidays

Not sure where to start? Our private and small-group holidays are your shortcut to post-pandemic travel planning.


Our team values. Our holiday design ethos. Our promise as a bespoke holiday planner to our clients and partners.

COVID-19 FAQs & Policy

There's a lot more to do and note for your post-pandemic holiday. We explain what we know, how we can help smoothen things, and our booking T&Cs.


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