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An up-and-coming tourist destination that is equal parts modernity and untouched beauty, China brims with a wide range of soaring mountains, meandering lakes, lush forests and record-breaking man-made monuments. With so much to discover, skip the shopping tours and opt for a personalised holiday with Quotient, where navigation of the vast landscape will be kept fuss-free with reputable private drivers. Delve into the outskirts of the country and venture to less traversed places such as Tibet for a taste of the Himalayans, sample tea at a longjing plantation or hike amongst the stunning Danxia Landform, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and be mesmerised by its colourful façade.

For a spot of luxury, visit a high-end tailor for a customised cheongsam in Shanghai before adjourning for a delectable meal of signature foods such as hairy crab and xiao long bao. Of course, a visit to the Great Wall of China in Beijing is almost mandatory, but will nonetheless leave you in awe. Carve out some time to be a panda volunteer and you’ll even get to interact with the gentle furry bears that are China’s national animals; a successful conservation effort over recent years has ensured that the lovable creatures are no longer endangered.

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