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Japan is a curious country where age-old traditions coexist with quirky subcultures and new technology that operate on clockwork precision. One moment, you could be enjoying a private geisha dinner show or soaking in a rooftop onsen in the heart of Tokyo; the next moment, you may find yourself surrounded by cosplayers in the hip shopping district of Harajuku or on a bullet train speeding off to another city.

What's not so surprising: On our bespoke tours in Japan, you can fully immerse in Japanese culture. Learn the art of sword-making in Okayama, sit down with a master in a traditional tea ceremony or watch a sumo performance and then practice a few killer moves yourself.

In the land of culinary adventure, excite your taste buds by feasting on what is possibly the world's best sushi at the three-Michelin-starred Sukiyabashi Jiro — reservations are notoriously hard to get, but leave that to WONDERGOLANDER. Otherwise, cook your own hot spring meal in Beppu's "Hell Kitchen" or indulge in a picnic in the middle of Hokkaido's famous flower fields.

And if nature's your thing, our bespoke tours in Japan let you experience the best in every season, whether admiring stunning cherry blossoms during spring or autumn foliage with after-hours access at the best places or getting up close to seals and sea eagles on an ice-breaker cruise in winter.

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