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Whether it’s the fresh air in every breath, the lush greenery all around or the towering mountains as far as the eye can see, the Land of the Long White Cloud exudes pure, unfiltered beauty and a WONDERGOLANDER bespoke holiday to New Zealand will help you fully immerse in the country.

For fans of The Lord of the Rings, visiting the Hobbiton movie set in North Island is a must – but why not go beyond and meet some of the people involved in the movie’s production on a private tour? On a visit to South Island, charter a private yacht with the family to explore the surrounding lands, head to a fruit farm to pick some delicious nibbles, or simply relax in a well-appointed luxury home or lodge laden with pampering touches and generous panoramas.

Fascinated by native wildlife? Go on expert-led ecology tours, or help out with conservation efforts by monitoring kiwis.

New Zealand is also perfect for winter sports and soft adventure, offering low temperatures and snowy landscapes smack in the middle of the year. Year-round, visit imposing volcanoes or go on an extreme golf tee-off atop a mountain, where a helicopter will safely deposit you. On your bespoke holiday to New Zealand, make time to stop by impeccable cellar doors for the world-famous wines of Hawkes Bay, Marlborough and Central Otago, which offer plenty of Kiwi vineyard hospitality – and indulge in relaxing thermal spas while you’re at it.

Not that you need more convincing of its appeal, but New Zealand is also one of the few countries where the elusive Southern Lights can be caught. Gaze up at the twinkling night sky at one of the dark sky reserves for an ethereal experience that will linger in your memories.

Your bespoke holiday to New Zealand in the new travel era

WONDERGOLANDER is currently designing only private tours to New Zealand, with a minimum of seven nights. This means that you will either have your personal driver-guide escorting you throughout your holiday, or enjoy a combination of private transfers between destinations and exploring the destination with a guide exclusive to your group at each location, with some free and easy time where appropriate.

If you prefer a self-drive holiday, we can design this as your mode of transport between destinations or only in a specific geographical region (for a limited duration of the entire trip). Your bespoke holiday to New Zealand will still primarily revolve around private or small-group touring (where private tours are unavailable).

Travel costs have risen significantly due to high demand and limited supply. For the best perceived value, we recommend trips to New Zealand to be designed at least 4 months in advance. Last-minute arrangements (60 days and under) may result in high premiums or disappointment, particularly during peak periods.

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