Beyond the Hallyu wave, its booming beauty industry and one of the world's most technologically advanced capitals, South Korea's rich tradition, old-style villages and array of natural sights are also huge draws. Get more out of your bespoke holiday to South Korea with our range of immersive luxury experiences not found in typical travel itineraries.

In Seoul, go beyond visiting iconic attractions and partake in local culture by learning how to perform parts of the hit Korean comedy show, NANTA, as a family, and joining in the frenetic excitement at a Kpop concert, where WONDERGOLANDER can aid in securing even hard-to-get tickets.

Over in Jeju, bask in glorious nature and enjoy an idyllic island vacation with stunning beaches and waterfalls. You'll be inevitably drawn to visit scenic spots featured in blockbuster Korean dramas, and to indulge in premium organic teas and "Korean medicine" cuisine.

On your bespoke holiday to South Korea, definitely fuel up with a taste of some of the 250 types of kimchi on offer in the country and have a go at authentic kimchi-making so you can replicate the delicious banchan at home when your appetite calls. While you're besotted with the cuisine, it only makes sense to savour the best on offer with a specially arranged royal dining experience, which can be perfectly rounded-off with a tasting of South Korea’s homegrown liquors.

UPDATE: Bespoke holiday to South Korea in the new travel era
All travellers regardless of vaccination status are now permitted to enter South Korea for quarantine-free tourism. Under the revised rules, you ought to apply for the K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) at least one week prior to your departure, and also register for a Q-Code prior to departure. Travellers aged 6 years and above must also undertake a PCR test within 2 days of departure or a professionally-administered ART test within 1 day of departure, and be subject to a PCR test within 1 day of arrival. For further information, please refer to the updated notice by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Singapore.

Note that if you're visiting only Jeju Island, you do not need to apply for the K-ETA but all other conditions must be met.