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The magnificent mirror-like Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest  existing salt flats, effortlessly blows the minds of even the most sophisticated visitors on luxury Bolivia tours, particularly if you’re on a pampering overnight excursion in an Airstream camper.

But the landlocked country in South America also boasts other impressive otherworldly landscapes such as the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest, and the dramatic Andes Mountains, one of the world’s longest mountain ranges. Add in spouting geysers and the rare opportunity to encounter flamingos in the wild and you’ll understand why Bolivia is every nature lover’s dream destination.

Turn your gaze to Bolivian capital, La Paz, and you’ll be just as surprised by its wonders. It not only possesses the highest cable car in the world, which you can board for a bird’s-eye view of the buzzing city, but also an up-and-coming gourmet scene.

On our luxury Bolivia tours, we strive to let you experience something extraordinary – something stirring and personal. If music speaks to you, we’ll have you time your trip right to revel in an epic biennial cultural festival spanning over 20 towns!

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