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Bespoke holidays to North America and South America offer a native's insight and the ability to intimately appreciate each destination at a pace that is right for you.

Boasting some of the most vibrant and most-visited cities in the world, the United States and Canada are never too far for luxury travellers with an adventurous spirit. The museums  and architecture are world-class, nature lovers are right at home in the  spectacular Canadian Rockies and stunning national parks such as Grand Canyon National Park whilst foodies are spoilt for choice with prized catch, fine-dining institutions, hip food trucks and some of the most popular wines, beers and liquors in the world.

South America, on the other hand, allures with its vastness and contrast. Beyond UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, the Los Glaciares National Park and Valparaiso, there are off-the-beaten-path destinations that make your journey even more remarkable. In the reassuring company of experienced local guides and subject experts, you'll explore urban landscapes and countryside in an authentic and sensitive manner, rest at the finest lodges and hotels, and leave with a thorough appreciation of ancient tribes and contemporary culture.

Your personal travel planner will design the best routes based on your preferred travelling style and interests, keeping in mind your airline  and hotel memberships, and complete your luxury North America holiday or luxury South America holiday with bespoke tours and customised recommendations for sightseeing and the best places to eat. 

Get started on your luxury North & South America trip now or continue to explore by country.

Curated Holidays

Not sure where to start? Our private and small-group holidays are your shortcut to post-pandemic travel planning.


Our team values. Our holiday design ethos. Our promise as a bespoke holiday planner to our clients and partners.

COVID-19 FAQs & Policy

There's a lot more to do and note for your post-pandemic holiday. We explain what we know, how we can help smoothen things, and our booking T&Cs.


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