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Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and teeming wildlife, Canada’s raw attraction is hard to resist. From soaring mountains to swooping valleys, boundless forest canopies and sparkling coasts, the country seems to have it all. Picture this: the Niagara Falls crashing into the lake as you bob on a boat, scaling the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies on a trek, or watching the mesmerising Northern Lights as it dances in the night sky above. The country is also rife with wildlife  opportunities; observe polar bears in their natural habitat, go dog sledding or even sleep in an aquarium as marine life surrounds you.

With stunning sights at every turn and one of the world’s most famous routes, the Alaska Highway, the country is also a choice destination for a well-designed road trip. Fuel up at Nova-Scotia, an up-and-coming foodie destination brimming with fresh catches and gourmet experiences such as lobster trapping and oyster farming — you can even dine on the  ocean floor 15 metres beneath the sea! Canada also hosts the world’s largest fireworks festival; time your trip well and you’re sure to have a  bombastic time on vacation.

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