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Sustainable Luxury North Pole expedition aboard an airship

Airship above Longyearbyen

37-Hour Historic North Pole Expedition

Come 2023, embark on a small-group North Pole expedition in a revolutionary hybrid aircraft, also the world’s largest flying vehicle.

Helicopter flight over Swiss Alps

Neuchâtel | Lucerne | Milan

8D7N Countdown to Swiss o’clock – Epic Trip to Switzerland

Unwind in atmospheric Neuchatel, explore charming towns such as Bern and Gruyeres, heli over Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps and savour an after-hours private tour of the Milan Duomo. Your epic trip to Switzerland will be one to remember!

Epic trips and extraordinary holidays


We all need that epic trip from time to time. These are extraordinary journeys and bragging rights adventures that cement our status as serious globetrotters.

Such grand holidays don’t necessarily have to be over the top or recklessly extravagant, but they always include  experiences and frills that matter to you and your travel companions.

That could look like a coveted dinner at Alain Ducasse’s Michelin three-star restaurant in the French capital or its Basque counterpart Martin Berasategui in northern Spain. On another occasion, it might be private time with van Gogh’s The Starry Night at MoMA or a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Palace of Versailles outside of opening hours. During the winter season, you’ll hit the slopes of Courchevel with a former ski champion or heli to a deserted glacier in New Zealand’s South Island for a celebratory champagne.

If an epic trip is what you’re itching for in 2022 or 2023, come away to Switzerland with WONDERGOLANDER. We’ll tune up your epicurean escapade in and around the Watch Valley,  savouring the best Swiss delights. For the finale in Italy, revel in an after-hours private tour of the Duomo di Milano and the sounds of its impressive organ.

Or book your slot in an ultra-exclusive small-group North Pole expedition. Bragging rights is guaranteed on one of the pioneering flights of the sustainable-luxury airship, also the world’s largest flying vehicle.

Don’t fancy an epic trip to Switzerland or the North Pole? There are many other options around the world to enjoy extraordinary journeys. Chat with a bespoke travel specialist today to explore what’s best for you in the new era of travel.

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