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Try to catch sight of Arctic wildlife from a bird's eye view
  • Be one of the forefront adventurers aboard the airship; if you wish to be aboard the pioneering flight, we can also fulfil your travel vision

  • Travel sustainably on a vehicle that uses ultra-clean  fuels in place of fossil fuels, resulting in a lower amount of toxic emissions

  • Experience this ground-breaking adventure with a peace of mind, and safely, with a seasoned expedition crew with extensive Arctic experience

  • Have a voyage that is truly unique to you as your route is largely determined by favourable wind conditions

  • See  astounding views as you fly over majestic icebergs and otherworldly snowscapes, spot elusive Arctic wildlife such as polar bears and whales and feel the stir of the dancing ribbons of the Northern Lights

  • Luxuriate in modern comfort en-route to one of the most remote and wildest place on Earth; enjoy modern facilities and gourmet Arctic cuisine prepared by  award-winning chefs

  • In an intimate group of maximum 16 like-minded passengers, you’ll enjoy top-notch service from a seasoned Arctic expedition crew of seven

37-Hour Historic North Pole Expedition

From US$93,000 per person

based on 2 to travel, twin-sharing

  • Adventurer itinerary

  • Accommodation in Horizon cabin

  • Services of a professional Arctic expedition crew

  • All meals and drinks

  • Snowmobile transfer to and from Longyearbyen and airship departure / return port

  • Itinerary scheduling and reservation services



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Hour 0

The North Pole expedition begins at Longyearbyen in the Norwegian island of Svalbard. Once on board, explore your transport vessel for the  day – the airship. The revolutionary hybrid aircraft, also the world’s largest flying vehicle, is the first of its kind to land on North Pole.

Upon reaching the cruising altitude, enjoy delectable cuisine prepared by your chef onboard whilst members of your trusty expedition team take the opportunity to brief you on key notes for your trip.

As night falls, rest comfortably in your luxurious, private en-suite bedrooms, thanks to the gentle altitude and excellent quality of air.


  • Travelling between June and August will offer a higher possibility of catching  sight of rare Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, whales, etc.

  • Travelling between September and October will offer a higher possibility of catching the Northern Lights

Hour 15

Fuel up with a hearty breakfast as you cruise above otherworldly snowscapes and approach the northernmost point on Earth. Your expedition leader will brief you further on the Arctic environment and the outdoor activities you’ll be partaking in.

Meanwhile, your onboard chef will be cooking up a storm to ensure that your polar lunch in the snow will be an unforgettable highlight.

Hour 21

The airship will provide a helicopter-view from an altitude of 300  metres. At this altitude, you’ll be able to see and observe the  migration of Arctic wildlife with ease. Kick back and enjoy the  horizon-to-horizon views in the non-pressurised cabin!

Your helpful and seasoned Arctic expedition team will also do their best to help you track the Arctic wildlife – including 34 species of marine mammals such as whales, seals, walruses and polar bears.

Hour 25

After a sumptuous dinner, perhaps have a drink as your expedition members round up the evening with tidbits of knowledge on the Arctic environment and its intertwined relationship with the indigenous people and wildlife.

Hour 27

As night falls it is time to spot those dancing ribbons of the  Northern Lights again. Before long, bid adieu to the stunning nature and drift away into the world of dreams.

The rest may be superb but it’s time to stir as the airship arrives back in Longyearbyen. Breakfast will be ready for you, after which, bid farewell to your incredible ride for the past day and hop on a snowmobile back to the city centre.



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