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Stand in the midst of over 6000 penguins and their chicks in Antarctica

Antarctica | Cape Town

10D9N Throw on the Cape for Antarctica — Exotic Cape Town & Antarctica Tour

Forget run-of-the-mill far South journeys, here’s one Antarctic adventure with plenty of panache.

Customised luxury private jet holidays


Privacy, exclusivity and efficiency – the lure of a private jet holiday is undeniably greater in the new normal where safety and assurance are key priorities for travellers.

Working with some of the best charter companies around the world, WONDERGOLANDER offers you exceptional flexibility in terms of fleet, flight routes and frills. Our partners take pride in ensuring that their aircraft are serviced regularly, cleaned and managed according to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, and helmed by experienced pilots and crew who will undergo stringent pre-departure testing. Where possible, you’ll also enjoy private meet-and-greet on the tarmac and immigration fast-track services.

Our private jet holiday collection is designed for you to explore a range of destinations and enjoy a variety of landscapes, experiences and activities. In all instances, you’ll find it effortless to arrive and depart in style – without a crowd and unhurriedly.

What’s more, your personal travel planner can further customise your private jet holiday based on your interests and indulgences, keeping in mind your hotel memberships and other loyalty perks. Get started now on your private jet holiday using our Plan A Trip form or browse our bespoke collection of private jet itineraries.

Curated Holidays

Not sure where to start? Our private and small-group holidays are your shortcut to post-pandemic travel planning.


Our team values. Our holiday design ethos. Our promise as a bespoke holiday planner to our clients and partners.

COVID-19 FAQs & Policy

There's a lot more to do and note for your post-pandemic holiday. We explain what we know, how we can help smoothen things, and our booking T&Cs.


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